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FReBOOKS reads English!

From the 20th December, as part of the FReBOOKS Project, the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire of Fribourg (BCU) offers access to a new Platform of English eBooks called “eBooks for you”.

This project is the result of a partnership with the Kornhaus libraries in Bern and offers the general public a choice of English fiction and documentaries eBooks. The basic stock contains approximately 700 eBooks; both entities will feed it regularly with novelties.

The loan of the English-speaking eBooks works in the same way as the one on the French and German-speaking FReBOOKS platforms. The maximum number of loans is 5 per user; with a choice of three different loan periods: 7, 14 or 21 days. The user can place 5 reservations for non-available e-books. The reading is possible on PCs, digital tablets, smartphones or e-readers.

We remind you that the BCU owns 8 readers, which can be loaned at home and on which you can download those eBooks.
Access to the platform: “eBooks for you”.

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